To Royal Sanz Beach

Luxury suites for the Ultra-Orthodox and Religious sector with Jacuzzi and private pool

On the French Riviera in Netanya
walking distance from Gali Sanz Hotel and the separate beach

Bring a fishing rod to catch some fish from our balconies...

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סוויטה לפסח ולשבת הגדול

סוויטות לבין הזמנים

This year the big Donors Conference of the Gur Hasidic was held. Rabbis from all over the world participated in the conference.
The conference was held in the magnificent hall at Gali Sanz, and the rabbis preferred to be accommodated in the amazing suites of the Royal Beach Sanz, right in front of the sea waves.

A family and couples experience on the sea

Walking distance from Gali Sanz Hotel and the separate beach, a bit of relaxation from the noisy everyday life in our
Royal Suites with private Italian plunge pools.
With us you feel like you are on a cruise on a luxury liner, you hear and see the sea waves from every suite 24 hours a day.
Every day there is a special wave show divided into 3 shows, a morning show, an afternoon show, a sunset show
in each show the sea changes colors, a real wonder of creation, our entire complex is in a green nature reserve with lots of activities for children and sports facilities for youth.

Our Suites

Below are bathing times at the separate beach:

Women - on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, at: 8:30 in the morning until half an hour before sunset.

Men - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at: 8:30 am until half an hour before sunset.
The days of the beaches are updated according to
The official website of Sanz Beach

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