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What makes our place unique is that we have suites for couples and families, with huge wooden balconies right on the waves of the sea....a total of 4 meters separates you from the waves of the sea. Everything is private for the ultra-Orthodox community, including a private entrance to each suite. A huge Italian Jacuzzi overlooking the waves of the sea, and the most beautiful sunsets in the country, vacationing with us is highly recommended for the ultra-orthodox community who love the sight of the sea, each suite has stairs to the declared beach, luxurious beds and a modern and new kitchen and dining room, every half hour there is a Minyan at Sanz. Royal Sanz is A vacation apartment hotel with private garden. The apartments are located on the Seasons Cliff, which is like a nature reserve with the Mediterranean Sea down from our suites. Each suite has its own private sea pavilion balcony.

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