🚪 The size of the suite is 120m
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 הסוויטה מיועדת ל-9 נפשות
💵 Price for Shabbat: from NIS 390 per bed per person
💷 Price for the middle of the week: from NIS 240 per bed per person
🛀 1 Italian
🤾‍♀️Children's games outside the suites

Wooden balcony


sea ​​View


Separate Jewish beds


סוויטת כוכב,הים עם בריכה פרטית מקורה גינה גדולה וג'קוזי ענק.

The Star of the sea family suite with a huge garden on the sea

Our huge garden suite with a 120 meter garden in front of the sea waves. Heated plunge pool for up to 6 people.

בגינה יש פינות ישיבה מהודרות מראטן סנוקר וג'קוזי איטלקי חדש ענק ל- 4 מול גלי הים.

In the garden there is a 7 meter wooden bar right on the waves just like on the Greek beaches

The suite has two bedrooms and a huge living room with two sofa beds.

The suite fits up to 9 people and includes a fully equipped kitchen and a dining area for 9 people.

Internet in the whole suite.

Everything is private for the Ultra-Orthodox community, including a private entrance to each suite.

The suite is 700 meters from -Galei Sanz Hotel and the separate beach.

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