🚪 The size of the suite is 60m
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 The suite is designed for 6 people
💵 Price for Shabbat: from NIS 390 per bed per person
💷 Price for the middle of the week: from NIS 240 per bed per person
🛀 1 Italian
🤾‍♀️Children's games outside the suites

Wooden balcony


sea ​​View


Separate Jewish beds


The Elegant Sea Song Suite

The royal sea song suite with a huge 60 meter wooden balcony facing the sea waves

Our flagship suite is all private and private for the ultra-Orthodox public.

כניסה פרטית מרפסת עץ פרטית עם בריכת טבילה מחוממת ל 6 מול גלי הים.

You can hear the sound of the waves 24 hours a day.

במרפסת העץ המרהיבה שלנו יש פינת ישיבה מראטן נדנדה מדהימה ג'קוזי.

The suite has a bedroom overlooking the sea and an elegant living room with two sofa beds for 4 people.

The kitchen is equipped with a Shabbat hot plate and a Shabbat clock.

Amazing dining area and snooker.

Come and witness the beautiful sunset in Israel viewed from the balcony of Shirat Hayam.

The suite has internet and air conditioning in every room.

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